When a home or property owner makes the call to AdvantaClean, they need the help. Either they’ve discovered an unknown mold, pools of water on their floors, or worse — their family members or tenants are having breathing issues caused by poor air quality.


The reason they call AdvantaClean, and not one of the other brands in the $210 billion restoration industry, is that they know that AdvantaClean is the only brand that will provide both expertise and empathy to their situation, working swiftly to restore their homes and properties to make them safe to inhabit and enjoy once again.

This difference is not an accident, but a way of operating day-in and day-out. AdvantaClean was founded on the belief that we should work harder to be there for each other, and that the work we do is meaningful beyond financial rewards — what we’re really doing is helping real people overcome challenging times.

“Our culture demands that we treat our customers with empathy, love, and affection,” says Matt Phillips, President of AdvantaClean. “Our culture also ensures that our franchisees are meaningful members of their communities. Our franchisees are extremely charitable, and they have a passion for helping people. We ask our franchisees to be a fixture in their community, and they have the ability to put their arm around their customers and help them. We don’t see our customers as a number, and if we did, we wouldn’t be successful. We see them as people going through something incredibly emotional.”


AdvantaClean franchisees enter this business not only to enrich their lives but to make the lives around them better. As part of our franchise family, you will live and breathe our motto, C.A.R.E.S., which is a continuous reminder of the qualities we aspire to as a brand that helps people when they need it most:


We make a difference in the community one person, family, friend or neighbor at a time.


We do more than is expected, by our own choice and our own will.


We treat others as we would like to be treated.


We set high standards and rise to them.


We meet others’ needs with a servant’s heart.


AdvantaClean franchisees are doing meaningful work in their businesses, and because of the importance of the work they do and the risk they take to join us, our executive team created a state-of-the-art support platform that makes it easy for franchisees to get established in business quickly and keep ongoing costs low.

Our new franchisees go through our 90-Day Success Plan®, which emphasizes financial awareness, and we work with you to develop a business plan and set goals to help you maximize your level of profitability. Also, we take care of your ongoing digital marketing efforts, which include everything from building your website to managing lead-generation marketing strategies like Pay Per Click and SEO.

Most importantly, AdvantaClean offers a 24/7 call center that works to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a typical office manager. Our call center team manages every customer interaction — from the initial request for services all the way to the follow-up call ensuring that the customer is satisfied with completed work. The value that our call center team adds directly affects our franchisees’ bottom line: last year, our call center added 25,000 booked appointments on behalf of our franchisees all across the country.

“Your true values are what you tolerate,” says Jeff Dudan, founder of AdvantaClean. “Culture is an organization’s memory — it’s what’s built into the stories that make up your brand. We have people who have been with us for 20 years, who wake up every day excited to help our franchisees because they have built this brand. Our franchisees reflect our values in how they run their business, how they listen to their customers, and how they empathize with and relate to their stories. Our franchisees are doing life-changing work for their customers, and their ability to give back is a reflection of who we are.”

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