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Franchise Training

The vast majority of our franchisees have no prior experience in the restoration industry. We do not require a particular skill set to own an AdvantaClean franchise ― the only love of hard work, a philanthropic spirit, and determination to succeed. We will train you to become an expert.

The road to becoming a certified AdvantaClean professional begins with a combination of (virtual) classroom training and hands-on training. From the start-up of your franchise through the entire life of your business, Franchise Support and Training teams partner with you to help you achieve your goals. Our teams know the business model and how to help you grow your franchise.

During training, you’ll learn how to run an AdvantaClean franchise, how to perform our key service lines. You’ll receive lessons from our highly-experienced operations team, marketing team, and executive team. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about obtaining and retaining customers, implementing our business model, how the call center is there for your benefit, and how to always provide first-class customer service.

You’ll receive hands-on technical instruction, including live scenarios in our state-of-the-art simulation environment inside our Experience Center in Dallas. You will also learn about your pre-, post-, and ongoing support from the entire Home Office staff. Your success is our success; we are there for you every step of the way and will help you realize your potential.

Our unique 90-Day Success Plan enables you to achieve your goals, and by the time you open, you are ready to perform services, grow your network and customer base, and provide the best customer care in the industry. It also focuses on the financial side of your company, helping you create the right business plan for your needs and goals while allowing you to maximize your profitability.


Marketing Support

Our world-class marketing department will help run your marketing endeavors behind the scenes, providing your business with a solid customer base through inbound and outbound marketing, graphics, website pages, blogs, and more. We understand most of our franchisees are not marketing experts, which is why we provide this fantastic in-house department to support you. They also teach and guide you on how to market at the local level and how to use digital marketing tactics to increase your customer range and to build a positive online presence.

Business Support

AdvantaClean has some of the most comprehensive marketing, training, and ongoing support programs in the franchise industry, including:

  • Personal Business Coaches
  • Regional workshops
  • Professional in-house technology solutions experts
  • Annual Convention

Technology Support

Our support team provides ongoing technical expertise to help you run your business. Like other facets of our business, we continue to find ways to advance our technology offerings. The ways in which consumers go to market are changing, and we are creating new channels to take advantage of them. We strive to make sure our Franchise Owners are prepared with the tools and technology to find success in any market. With the technological resources provided by AdvantaClean, you will quickly learn how to attract, manage and convert leads to create a seamless business operation.

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Local franchisee websites
  • Tech support 12 hours a day 

Call Center Support

Our call center is another way AdvantaClean supports you, our franchisees. To help you schedule appointments the AdvantaClean call center acts as your customer care team. Available 24/7, the call center is your offsite help to an easier-run business so that you can focus on your customers and the work at hand. Whether customers call in for their annual dryer vent cleaning or because of a massive flood in their home, every customer gets a calm, sympathetic voice and an action plan in their time of need.

  • The most critical role is converting customer inquiries into scheduled jobs on your calendar.
  • Our call center team is highly trained and experience.
  • They manage every customer interaction from initial request to follow-up call ensuring that the customer is satisfied.
  • Last year, the call center team took 306,000 calls on behalf of our franchise owners.
  • We also drive more appointment calls to our franchisees and monitor national campaign performance with the latest technology, learn more here.

Extended Business Support & Training Support

  • Starts immediately after the 3-week training course
  • A proactive coaching program provides a smooth transition to the field
  • Promotes strong communication, work ethic, and sound business practices
  • Helps you follow the AdvantaClean business model from day one
  • Helps you set income and business goals for the first year
  • Assistance with your local marketing planning
  • Training on how to handle a lead and close a sale
  • Help with increasing your product knowledge
  • Provides ongoing live training webinars
  • Tools to develop good business habits and routines
  • Assistance with managing and tracking your financials
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