Make an Investment In Your Future

Owning your own business and becoming your boss is a life-changing decision. When you're ready to make the change from working for someone to controlling your destiny, AdvantaClean is prepared to help you.

Financial Information

Franchise Cost Requirements

$69,950 Initial Fees
$96,980 Minimum Working Capital
$166,930 Total Investment
-$40,000 In-House Financing Available
$126,930 Total Cash Required

†Refer to the Franchise Disclosure Document for details

Need Help With Funding?

AdvantaClean provides financing of up to $40,000 to qualified candidates. Ask for details.

Consider funding your franchise with your 401(k). AdvantaClean can offer you attractive ways to finance your franchise using your 401(k). What makes this option especially appealing is that there are no penalties, no taxes, and no loans to pay off.

AdvantaClean is an approved franchise on the SBA Franchise Directory.


Thank You To Our Veterans

Qualified Veterans will receive a 15% discount off the purchase price of an AdvantaClean Franchise system. This is our way of giving back to veterans to help them take the next step into owning their own business and building a financial future. Home Franchise Concepts, parent company to AdvantaClean, has awarded over $1 Million in discounts to Veterans who have joined our system.

Invest in your future by becoming an AdvantaClean franchise owner.

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