Why Own a Mold Remediation Franchise?

AdvantaClean is more than just a mold remediation franchise. We offer several different lines of service you can build your business with. AdvantaClean has your back in the $210 billion industry, and puts you in charge of your own success.

The Thrill of Ownership Without All the Risk

Investing in a new business venture can go one of two ways: starting from scratch or opening a franchise. Going out on your own is very much a learn-as-you-go process and can be both exciting and risky.

Franchising takes away a lot of that stress. AdvantaClean’s proven business model allows you to focus on growing your company, not learning from trial and error. From the moment you sign the franchise agreement through the life of your business, you’ll get a robust system backed by a strong brand. Plus, you’ll have all the necessary training and sales support you need for your mold restoration and indoor air quality franchise and more. As a part of the AdvantaClean family, you can rely on a community of like-minded professionals dedicated to your success.

Best of all, you don’t need experience in the mold remediation industry to become an expert in the field. We’re more interested in a strong work ethic, a giving spirit, and the passion to make your franchise a trusted, respected business families can count on.  

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AdvantaClean: A Remediation Franchise that Helps You Grow

Solid Support System

Not all franchise opportunities are equal. The best will provide a vigorous support system to help you through the ins and outs of starting up, maintaining your business, and beyond. AdvantaClean provides solid support from Day One, supplying you with the comprehensive training, industry clout, and coaching resources you need to grow.

A Recognized Brand that Offers More

Building a name for yourself from scratch takes a lot of time and money, especially in the mold remediation and restoration industry, where trust is essential. People already know that the AdvantaClean brand name means dependable, reliable damage solutions. You’ll get business coming your way right from the start.

In addition, we differentiate ourselves from other remediation franchises because we offer so much more – more services to consumers and more revenue streams to franchisees. More than just a mold restoration franchise and air duct cleaning franchise, AdvantaClean offers moisture control services, sanitizing services, radon mitigation, and more. And franchisees also have the option to offer additional services including water and fire damage restoration and cleanup, and reconstruction.

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Proven Training, Marketing & Sales Support

As a new business owner, you’ve got to quickly figure out how to manage finances, keep your store running, market your business, capture leads, and make a profit. Even if you’ve run a company before, you still need to learn the challenges of a new industry. All those decisions mean the difference between failure and success.

Specialized training is a key part of AdvantaClean’s franchise support system. We offer you complete lessons from our industry and franchise experts. Our training center has an on-site state-of-the-art, certified house where we can simulate any situation you may encounter on the job.

Marketing and sales can be tricky for new business owners. They’re necessary parts of a successful company, but it can be hard to develop the right strategies to bring in a steady flow of customers.

With AdvantaClean’s marketing team, you get to focus on providing great work. Our marketing techniques generate real sales leads, which we’ll send to you directly from our 24/7 call center.  

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Backed by a Strong Home Services Franchisor

AdvantaClean is part of Home Franchise Concepts® one of the nation's largest franchising systems in the home services space for over 30 years. Our brands are consistently rated at the top of their categories and supported by more than 2,600 franchise territories in the U.S. and Canada.

Home Franchise Concepts is a subsidiary the $20 billion dollar, privately held company, JM Family Enterprises®, offering stability, leadership, and business ownership opportunities that can’t be matched.

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Invest in your future by becoming an AdvantaClean franchise owner.

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