Real estate is an undoubtedly profitable business that can lead to untold success. But the rewards of real estate also draw a lot of competition, making it difficult for newcomers to gain a real foothold in the crowded market. More established real estate agents may dominate certain neighborhoods and guard their territory. They use their connections to get to clients long before they ever start shopping around. If you're thinking of leaving a real estate career, see why it may be time to move into a more lucrative field.

Taking a break

People jump into real estate because they have a unique combination of innate talent and an entrepreneurial spirit. They have the gut instincts to identify unlikely opportunities, match buyers to the perfect property, and close deals with lightning-fast efficiency. They enter the market with plenty of gusto only to find that the opportunities might not have been quite what they hoped for.

Maybe you’re feeling frustrated with the industry even as you read this very sentence.

  • If you're finding buyers want more home than their budgets will allow
  • If sellers dig in their heels about each and every contingency
  • If social media posts are eating up hours of your time and resulting in very few leads
  • If you can't even remember the last time you closed on something

These are all signs it may be time for a career change.

As thrilling as the highs of real estate can be, the lows can be equally draining. Real estate is a cyclical business that not everyone is right for. The ups and downs can be jarring at best and counterproductive at worst. The good news is there are still plenty of other ways to make money in property.

If you need a break from the constant push and pull of property sales, mold remediation is a natural choice. While markets may slump from month to month, mold is constant. It happens all year round, and its remediation is not a luxury service. Property owners who want to keep their homes, facilities, and grounds safe have no choice but to take action.

Make the move

From flaky buyers to useless leads, real estate can exhaust even the most optimistic professional. Mold remediation may not be as stylish as real estate, but it can provide a steady stream of business for the savvy entrepreneur — one that can't be slowed due to a recession. Owning a mold remediation business means less dependency on the whims of buyers and sellers and more money in your pocket.

One study actually found that a bad career is more harmful to your psyche than a career that you don't like. A good job is one that provides support, purpose, and structure. Careers that demand too much while offering too little will ultimately wear away the enthusiasm and spirit you originally brought to real estate.

The best part is that remediation can be just as rewarding as real estate! Both services help people live and work in a safe space. In other words, you can still close deals, find your niche, and match clients to the right service!

Plus, you're performing a vital safety service, unlike any you've had a chance to do so far in real estate. Mold is a mission-critical problem to find in any property. While tiny infestations can be solved with little more than a bucket of bleach, most property owners won't catch the mold before they're in need of professional help. Some mold species can even be deadly if left to their own devices. Initial exposure to mold may seem like garden-variety allergies but constant exposure can cause chronic health problems to the inhabitants. You have the opportunity to make neighborhoods safer one property at a time.

Real estate professionals already have a head start if they choose to go into mold remediation. Because you've spent so many hours touring buildings, homes, and grounds, you know the pitfalls of construction and the health hazards to look for. Over time, you've developed an eye that can instantly spot a flaw the average layperson would never even notice. And you have a network of buyers, sellers, and leads that would benefit from your services. If you're looking for a career change out of real estate, you won't find an easier transition.

When you’re getting tired of running circles, there’s another choice that allows you to use your real estate skills. Mold remediation may not carry the same sense of prestige as a real estate agent, but the field is far more amenable to entrepreneurs who don’t have time to waste. In addition to being profitable, it’s also flexible enough for you to create your own rules and your own schedule.

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