Investing with AdvantaClean is a life-changing opportunity for entrepreneurs. Founded in 1994, we have provided quality mold remediation, water-damage repair and air duct cleaning to commercial and residential properties. As a result, we have helped thousands of home and property owners through times of crisis and have established ourselves as a trustworthy brand with proven expertise in restoring homes and properties.

Leading Water and Mold-Damage Remediation Franchise is a Wise Alternative to Traditional Restoration Franchises

AdvantaClean also has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their full potential in a business that allows them to provide a meaningful service to their communities while improving their quality of life in the process.

“There has never been a better time to invest in an AdvantaClean franchise,” says Jeff Dudan, former CEO of AdvantaClean. “In more than two decades in business, AdvantaClean has helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of running a successful business that is profitable and makes a difference. Our support infrastructure is second-to-none. We help our franchisees generate sales, manage their customer interactions, manage their marketing efforts and obtain the education and coaching they need to become successful over the long term. As a result, our culture is one of the most supportive and inclusive in the entire franchise industry, and our franchisees are proud to represent AdvantaClean in their communities.”

Here are three reasons AdvantaClean is a wise investment:

Reason #1 - AdvantaClean Offers Exceptional Ongoing Support

We recognize that franchise owners are tremendously talented individuals with outstanding leadership skills and the drive to succeed. We also know that many of them franchise with us without any experience in the restoration industry. This is why AdvantaClean has developed an extensive, industry-leading support platform.

AdvantaClean makes it easy for franchisees to get established in business quickly and keep ongoing costs low. Our new franchisees go through our 90-Day Success Plan®, which emphasizes financial awareness, and we work with you to develop a business plan and set goals to help you maximize your level of profitability. Also, we take care of your ongoing digital marketing efforts, which includes everything from building your website to managing lead-generation marketing strategies like Pay Per Click and SEO.

Most importantly, AdvantaClean offers a 24/7 call center that works to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a typical office manager. Our center team manages every customer interaction — from the initial request for services all the way to the follow-up call ensuring that the customer is satisfied with completed work. The value that our call center team adds directly affects our franchisees’ bottom line: last year, our call center added 25,000 booked appointments on behalf of our franchisees all across the country.

“We’re very focused on ensuring that our franchisees are profitable,” says Matt Phillips, former President of AdvantaClean. “We’re very careful about advising our franchisees about exactly what to do. Our 90-Day Success Plan focuses on how to operate a business successfully, and this primarily focuses on how to manage cash flow, how to create a business plan and how to set goals that the franchisee is accountable for. We have a whole team in place, from our coaches in the field to our home office, that is there to help franchisees become profitable and win business as quickly as possible.”

Reason #2 - AdvantaClean Has A Recession-Resistant Business Model

AdvantaClean franchisees have one advantage over other business owners: the services that we specialize in are a necessity for homeowners. Issues like mold growth, water damage, moisture problems and more will plague home, and property owners for as long as people live in homes and properties. This also means that the demand for our services is enormous.

“We excel at restoring homes and properties that experience water damage, air-quality issues, mold growth, and radon, to make homes and properties safe to inhabit again,” says Chris Stefanco, former Vice President of Operations with AdvantaClean. “We go above and beyond in finding permanent solutions to these problems so that homeowners have the peace of mind that they have a space that’s truly clean, and they will not have an issue going forward. All of our service lines are also in line with our core values: being clean, healthy and safe. Our services are really high-margin for our franchisees, and we provide exceptional value to our customers. We feel for them; we all have families. We want to be sure that we do the job right every time and educate our customers about how to avoid issues in the future.”

Reason #3 - AdvantaClean Franchisees Are United By Our Shared Values

AdvantaClean has framed our culture around our values, and the franchisees live and breathe our motto, C.A.R.E.S., which is a reminder of the qualities we aspire to in our role as a brand that helps people when they need it most:

  • COMMUNITY - We make a difference in the community one person, family, friend or neighbor at a time.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - We do more than is expected, by our own choice and our own will.
  • RESPECT - We treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • EXCELLENCE - We set high standards and rise to them.
  • SERVICE - We meet others’ needs with a servant’s heart.

“I did a lot of research before I made the decision to go with AdvantaClean,” says Dan Derbes, owner of an AdvantaClean franchise with four territories in Northern Virginia. “I looked at probably 15 concepts, and AdvantaClean was at the top of my list. I liked the return on investment, I liked the growth potential, and in speaking with other franchisees, I learned that this was something I could do really well. When I went down to Discovery Day and met Jeff Dudan, that really sealed the deal. I liked his code of ethics, his transparency, and his commitment to franchisee success. Two and a half years later, my business has really grown to the point where I’m able to give back to my community in a meaningful way.”

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