While AdvantaClean was just praised as a Top Franchise for Veterans by Entrepreneur magazine, it is our veterans who truly deserve the praise. Their noble sacrifice represents what is best about America, and AdvantaClean is honored to have many veterans in our franchise family.


We’re enormously proud that one of our franchisees, Russ Harlow, was recently interviewed by Small Business Trends about how he made “the courageous journey into entrepreneurship” after a career in the U.S. military. Harlow joins two other entrepreneurs in the article, “3 U.S. Veterans Share Their Experiences Transitioning from Military Service to Franchise Ownership,” and explains why franchising is a wise choice for veterans.

Small Business Trends: Do you think being a franchise owner could be a good choice for others who’ve served and are exploring career options?

Russ Harlow: Absolutely. With franchising, you are working with a team within a corporate environment, but you still have the freedom to make business decisions. You learned team-building skills and the ability to lead others and execute plans. That is why franchises love veterans because we know how to follow orders. In franchising, it is important to understand it is done a certain way for a reason. Veterans get that, and a lot of us understand the process and can execute how to do it. When you come out the military, franchising is a great opportunity because the process is very much the same as what we have already experienced.

Harlow is exactly right — veterans make exceptional franchise owners, and franchisors overwhelmingly agree. Small Business Trends reports that “97 percent are a good fit as franchise owners.

“Why such an emphatic yes? There are several reasons. First, an established franchise operates on proven systems and standard operating procedures. Veterans immediately recognize these values as mission-critical because of how everything is scheduled and structured in military training. And as in the military, successful franchisees lead employees to accomplish missions as a team.”

When asked how his military service helps him in his AdvantaClean franchise, Harlow drives the above point home:

“My experience in the military taught me how to be a team player and to take responsibility and be a leader,” Harlow says. “You also learn how to motivate others and execute a plan. In the military, you understand there are no excuses, and that is the same with business ownership. Responsibility is on our shoulders, and I think most veterans embrace that philosophy.”

Veterans Join AdvantaClean Because We Share Their Values

AdvantaClean is intent on making the path to ownership more affordable to veterans by offering a 20 percent discount (not to exceed $10,000) on our initial franchise fee. While many brands offer discounts to veterans, when we asked Harlow why he chose AdvantaClean, he said his decision came down to share our values, and that it is a great business model with a proven history. To each and every franchisee, there’s a culture of integrity, caring and customer first.

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