Peter Jarvis and Bryan Cranfill represent the best of the AdvantaClean franchise. As two entrepreneurs without experience in the water- and mold-damage remediation industry, Jarvis, and Cranfill use their shared leadership experience and their shared desire to serve their community to create a dynamic, growing business with the AdvantaClean franchise.


Before the pair decided to franchise with AdvantaClean, Jarvis and Cranfill owned a franchise consulting company where they helped entrepreneurs find business opportunities. This experience in franchising gave them unique insight into which franchise opportunities were worthy investments, which brands had visionary leadership, and which brands were poised for long-term growth.

“I spent a couple of years in the franchise coaching process, which was helping clients look for businesses so they could start their own ventures. In that process, 300 franchise systems were in our portfolio. At that time, the restoration segment began to look very interesting. Our economy was in a recession state, and the restoration industry is recession-resistant. We decided to join a client, to whom we recommended AdvantaClean, on his discovery day process. At the end of the day, Pete and I looked at each other and wondered, ‘Why shouldn’t we own an AdvantaClean business?’ ”

Jarvis and Cranfill were confident that AdvantaClean was right for them because of the visionary leadership and culture created by former CEO Jeff Dudan. AdvantaClean is guided by core values, and they emphasize strong ongoing support. AdvantaClean offers an industry-leading call center — which books your appointments and manages the customer relationship to ensure a positive experience — that works to convert customer inquiries into scheduled appointments on your behalf.

AdvantaClean also offers robust marketing support, taking care of critical work such as building your website and managing online lead-generation marketing initiatives to help grow your business.

“More even than having a strong business model, we believe that to have a successful relationship with your franchisor, you need to be aligned at the highest level of values,” Jarvis says. “Everything they do is guided by values that we share. When we were going through training, Jeff said to us that the franchisor can do pretty much everything aside from going into the community and building those relationships with your customers. It’s true, and AdvantaClean provides exceptional ongoing support, from their call center to their marketing support. We’re extremely pleased with the level of support we receive.”

Deciding to become a franchisee with AdvantaClean is the decision to be of service to those in your community who need it most. Since 1994, we have provided quality mold remediation, water damage repair, and air duct cleaning to commercial and residential properties. Our commitment to exceptional work, transparency, and to exceptional customer service has positioned us as the brand that Americans trust to make their homes safe to live in again.

“One of the appeals of the work for us is that this is a redemptive business,” Cranfill says. “Wanting to serve with purpose gives us the opportunity to help someone when their life has been disrupted. While the industry can exploit people at their most vulnerable, AdvantaClean seeks to do the exact opposite. Since last summer, we’ve been in about 800 homes, and in five and half years, we have been in thousands of homes. We want to serve with purpose in what we invest our lives in, and it allows us to be effective.”

After six years in business, Jarvis and Cranfill have grown to five territories in Northwest Indiana, and while their growth has been significant, they say they are “only scratching the service” of their potential.

“We’re going to continue to grow our business and provide the best possible service in our key markets,” Jarvis says. “There’s a lot of room to grow, and we’re the only limit to our own potential.”

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