When Doug Bassinger chose to leave the automotive industry after more than 30 years in high-level positions for major corporations, he wanted to find a business he could build from the ground up into a lucrative enterprise that would serve as his retirement nest egg. While Bassinger did not have any experience in the restoration industry, he ultimately decided on AdvantaClean because the business model is recession-resistant and because the culture of AdvantaClean allows entrepreneurs to thrive and prosper.


Bassinger opened his first AdvantaClean territory eight years ago, and the first-time entrepreneur discovered through extensive research that while many franchise opportunities advertise recession-resistant business models, there are only a few that can live up to the claim.

“I looked into a lot of brands when I knew I was ready to go into business for myself,” Bassinger says. “I wanted something that was recession-resistant — I don’t believe in any of the companies that advertise themselves as recession-proof because that is unrealistic, but  I did want protection from downswings in the market. I knew that I needed to choose a business that would allow me to earn a great living while I was building the business, and I also sought to choose a brand with an established culture that aligns with my values. When I discovered AdvantaClean, I knew I found the right fit, and after eight years in business, all of the above has proven to be true.”

Despite not having any experience in the restoration industry, Bassinger has excelled in his business, steadily investing in more territories in the counties surrounding Charlotte, North Carolina. Bassinger credits AdvantaClean’s industry-leading support infrastructure with helping his business grow year after year and remain the preferred choice in his community — despite significant competition from “chuck-in-a-truck” companies and national chains in his area.

“There’s more work than we can do,” Bassinger says. “Though there is a lot of competition, there is more than enough work for all of us. Our secret is that we don’t advertise that we’re the cheapest, we advertise that we’re the best at performing the services we offer. As a result, we offer the customer the most value by far.”

The level of support a franchise system offers often is a key differentiator for entrepreneurs deciding in which franchise system to invest. It is a clear sign of how that franchise system will support an entrepreneur over time. One example of how AdvantaClean works to support franchisees is our 24/7 call center. Our call center staff handles every customer interaction and schedules services. This eases the burden of managing the day-to-day activities of being an owner and helps to keep your costs low by not requiring an office manager. Most importantly, our call center team converts customer inquiries into actual jobs. Last year, our call center took 220,000 calls on behalf of our franchisees from all across the country.

“The overall structure of the AdvantaClean support has been very good for us,” Bassinger says. “The 24/7 call center has been invaluable in dealing with customers — they are trained to be able to respond appropriately, with knowledge and empathy. This helps tremendously because the customer understands exactly how we can help them before my team ever gets to meet them in person.”

As Bassinger begins to work on expanding yet another new territory, he has some sage advice for entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in AdvantaClean:

“My one regret about investing in AdvantaClean is that I wish I had done this a lot sooner,” he says. “AdvantaClean is a company that is guided by its core values, and I share those values as well as the drive to have operational excellence. This is a business where you have the opportunity to become more successful the longer you do it, so if you’re looking to join a growing brand that excels in this industry, AdvantaClean rises right to the top.”

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