Mold is a complex fungus that manifests in a number of different forms. Some types of mold are relatively harmless while others can cause severe chronic illness or even death. If you want to become a licensed mold inspector, you'll need to prepare for a career rooted in details. You'll need to be able to spot both the common and uncommon strains of mold when on the job before determining the cause of it.

Luckily, there's no better time to dedicate yourself to this career path. As our weather patterns become more and more unpredictable, water damage restoration is going to be more in demand than ever before.


A CMI is a person who's undergone specific training to learn the different types of mold and their underlying causes. They're trained to not only give their professional opinion regarding the composition of the mold but also to find the source of moisture that contributed to its formation. Whether it's humidity or poor drainage, the CMI can test the air and relevant surfaces in the property to understand the extent of the problem.


CMIs need to take a special certification course and be able to pass a formal exam by the end of the session. You do not need any formal training in order to take this course, but it is helpful to have a general understanding of how buildings and homes are constructed.

From general microbial courses to lessons on the most effective equipment, different courses will cover different topics. You can receive cmi certifications in more than one area, depending on whether or not you want to specialize. For example, if a certain kind of mold is more prevalent in your area (due to environmental conditions), a CMI can seek out additional courses or independent study to gain the expertise they need to impress their target demographics.

Some mold inspectors opt for several certifications before beginning their business so they can hit the ground running. But regardless of where you start, all CMIs will need to take additional yearly coursework to keep up with new equipment, remediation techniques, and mold species. Like most industries, mold remediation is constantly changing. Making the effort to understand the breakthroughs will make it easier to keep up with the ever-changing goalposts.


Mold remediation courses also help mold inspectors understand where mold lies. Unfortunately, property owners may have had some type of contamination for months before it ever becomes visible. By this time, it may have already begun to rot the structure from the outside in. Mold inspectors will use special equipment, such as a thermo-hygrometer, to show the environmental conditions in the property that led to the mold. You'll learn more about how to best utilize the equipment to get the best results.


A successfully licensed mold inspector is curious about everything from the technology behind their machinery to the metabolic life cycle of fungi. It's why AdvantaClean offers free training programs and courses to our franchisees and their employees. The more knowledgeable our partners are, the better they can serve our customers.

If you're looking for the easiest way to get your mold certification, AdvantaClean streamlines the experience so you can save time and kickstart your business as quickly as possible. Our franchise model has proven itself time and time again, and our reviews and reputation truly do speak for themselves. It's our privilege to provide entrepreneurs with all the tools and education they need to succeed.

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