It's imperative that a franchisor provides excellent franchise marketing support for their franchisees. Here are the top things to look for in a franchisor's marketing support system.

Why Franchise Marketing Support Matters

When you buy a franchise, you are expecting certain kinds of support from the franchisor. That may be a key reason you bought the franchise in the first place. Part of what you’re purchasing is the franchisor’s assistance with starting and growing your business.

Most franchisors will provide help with site selection and development. Initial training is offered so you’re ready to operate your business on opening day and beyond. And marketing and advertising play a large role in the success of the franchise overall. Most brands recognize that giving franchisees the tools they need to succeed elevates the entire franchise system.

But not all franchisors are created equal and not all provide the quality support you may expect. When it comes to marketing, some brands rely on generic campaigns that don’t take into consideration different local demographics and community needs. Others might not provide each franchise location with a local webpage making it difficult for the business to stand out and for local consumers to find the store they’re looking for. Some franchisors lack consistency of messaging across the brand. Without a clear marketing plan, consumers can become confused about what a brand offers and what culture they put forward. Top notch marketing is crucial to your ability to grow your business.

Five Types of Franchise Marketing Support You Should Expect

So how do you know if a brand has good marketing support? Ask questions. If the answers aren’t clearly provided in the Franchise Agreement, speak with the franchisor team on Discovery Day and beyond about their marketing strategy on both a national and local level. Ask them what kind of initial and ongoing marketing support they’ll provide and what platforms they’ll use to reach target consumers.

There are certain things you should expect your franchisor to provide in terms of marketing and advertising that make marketing a franchise easier than an independently owned business. Here are five:

  1. Market Research: A brand’s marketing team has done research into national and local markets, identifying where to open locations, who their potential consumers are, and what they want.
  2. Marketing Materials: A franchise’s marketing experts have done the work of creating marketing materials to consistently represent the brand. You’ll be provided brand logos and images for social media, advertising, and signage. A clear brand identity has been forged for you to reap the benefits of.
  3. National and Local Marketing Support: As a franchisee, you pay into a general fund in the form of royalties that finance the marketing efforts of your franchisor. Since you share the brand name, reputation, and recognizability with all the franchisees in the system, everyone benefits from the marketing but at a lower shared cost.
  4. Opening Day Support: Your grand opening is a big deal! Your franchisor should help you launch your new business with a tried-and-true opening day strategy. You can also learn from other franchisees what successful tactics they used to open their businesses and generate excitement in their communities.
  5. Marketing Strategy: The franchisor’s marketing strategy, including the support you’ll be supplied as a franchisee, should be clearly delineated in the franchise agreement. AdvantaClean, for example, has a world class marketing team ready to help you increase sales and leads.

AdvantaClean: Marketing Support from a Restoration Industry Leader

AdvantaClean is a home-based franchise offering emergency restoration services and scheduled maintenance for issues like mold removal and remediation services, moisture control services, water and fire damage and clean up services, sanitizing and more. Buying an AdvantaClean franchise is a low-cost investment in a caring and dynamic company culture with the support of an industry leading brand and stellar training and franchise marketing support. You’ll become an expert in restoration and learn how to obtain and retain customers through blogs and PR, social media, email marketing, and a local franchisee marketing page. Learn more about the marketing and other types of support AdvantaClean offers franchisees. Request more information by filling out our form.

Invest in your future by becoming an AdvantaClean franchise owner.

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